How Can I Check The Status of an Order?

How Can I Check The Status of an Order?

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To view the status of your order/s, you can Check Reports!

To check your reports:

Step 1: Scroll down the Dashboard page:

Step 2: You can find your order/s reports.

Active orders are orders still in progress, The Archive is your past order/s.

If you have placed the order recently, you may see that your order is still Pending

Step 3: Once we receive your order and work on it, the status will show Processing and then Completed.

Step 4: When your order is completed, you can make a request to download your order report by clicking on “Request download

👉 You can also view the status of your request for the report from the moment it started until the completion of your request.

Once the report is complete, you can download your order reports

👉 You will find a report(s) as a .zip link(s) available for download.

👉 Please Note: The report(s) link(s) will expire after 2 days of creating the request.

If you want to receive the report after 2 days, please submit another request.

👉 Still need help with your reports, or have suggestions? Don’t hesitate to visit our help page!

Or, Submit a Ticket

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